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Currently, the three topics at the top of the list of major problems for humanity, extending into the next fifty years, are climate change, water and energy, mainly due to population growth and industrialisation. Although water and energy may at first appear to be unconnected resources, the development of science and technology has shown that they are closely related.

The entire water cycle is energetically intensive at all stages. Similarly, the energy cycle, from its extraction from primary fuels (oil...) to its conversion into electricity, is a major consumer of water. At present, the insatiable and intensive consumption of this nexus only aggravates GHG emissions; proof of this are the conclusions of the COP21, FCCC, OECD, etc. The treatment of this trinomial is both vital and complex, and is the main challenge of the project.

MITIMAC's scope of action is based on analysing the interactions between Climate Change-Water-Energy-Food. The main beneficiaries of this project are public research organisations, as well as technology centres, government agencies and other entities related to the sector.

The main actions to implement include, among others, the promotion of research and innovation in sustainable energies, energy efficiency and the integration of these in the water cycle. Aiming to improve the integral water cycle, in all its stages from the energy point of view. One of the main expected results is not only the improvement of the cycle from the energy point of view, but also the development of a low carbon economy and the achievement of an integral Zero-Net Carbon cycle.

This project is part of the Axis 1º, priority a; and aims to create a technological cluster in the CO2-water-energy trinomial. MITIMAC aims to strengthen the innovative potential in the development of novel technologies capable of adapting the integral water cycle for the reduction and mitigation of climate change through the collaboration of universities, organisations and research centres. The necessary improvement of the critical mass of the Macaronesian territory has encouraged MITIMAC to create research networks that achieve, through a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences, both at a physical and documentary level, the gestation of a technological cluster that generates an intelligent specialization in the trinomial Climate Change-Water-Energy. The international nature of the project should be highlighted, as these networks are not only made up of scientific and governmental institutions from the Macaronesian region (Madeira, The Azores and Canary Islands) but have also been joined by the countries of Senegal, Cabo Verde and Mauritania.

The fundamental pillar that consolidates this project can be defined as the creation of a common space where to exchange knowledge in the field of R+D. MITIMAC seeks to consolidate a network of experts whose work will contribute to the best use of the activities planned in the project. The promotion of innovation and the constitution of the network created will improve the competitiveness of the critical mass of all scientific and political beneficiaries of the project . It is intended that the cooperation established during these 3 years and materialised in the CO2-Water-Energy technology cluster is intended to last over time, strengthening the links for future research, improvements or new projects that continue along the same lines of study.

By enhancing the cooperation mechanism, actions will contribute to an integrated territorial development. Therefore, the project would not be relevant without cooperation and a mutual benefit between all region

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